Safe on the road

Our mission: Safe driving behaviour

Yearly, more than 600 people die and 21.000 people are injured in traffic in the Netherlands [SWOV]. For us, these facts are unacceptable in an era of technical innovation and social responsibility.

Our mission is: to minimize the amount of accidents in traffic by improving driving behaviour.

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Safe driving behavior by personal approach

Modern technology

By using our service, the driving behaviour of a driver will be mapped by state of the art technology.

Safe driving behaviour by insights and advice

Every week, we give the driver insights in his or her driving behaviour and we will give advice to help the driver improve his/her behaviour. We analyse a lasting improvement of the driver’s driving behaviour.

We can contribute to lower expenses, better employability and satisfied clients.

A safe driving behaviour contributes to our mission, but for you it is also profitable. You organisation enjoys lower expenses, a better employability and your products and services will be undamaged at your customer in time.


Keep seniors drive safely

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SD-insights will work together with several partners on the project CuARdian Angelin which research will be performed on how older adults can drive safe for a longer period of time. The project is part of the Active Assisted Living (AAL) programme that supports initiatives to improve the quality of life for the older population. Due […]

SD-Insights and F2S2 will improve Flemish road safety

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Guido Sluijsmans, CEO SD-Insights, and Lars Akkermans, founder of F2S2 signed a mutual agreement for cooperation. The cooperation between these promising companies focusses on improving road safety in Flanders through the application of smart driver support systems and the use of detailed real-life data. The Flemish region already provides strong support to the implementation of […]

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