What we do

A vehicle is a risky work environment. Distraction, fatigue, or a stressful work scheme increase the risk of an accident. SD-Insights supports employees in increasing their driving performance. The driver is our focus.

SD-Insights supports employees.
We're driver-oriented.


We have a weekly conversation with the driver about driving performance. We give concrete advice. Our approach changes behavior permanently.


Our personal advice is made by combining driving style data and behavior analysis.


Driving style data is collected with technology that is also being used in the development of self driving cars.

What do we measure?

We use smart sensor technology of Mobileye (Intel). We can measure these behaviors:

Lane keeping

We measure the postion of the vehicle on the lane 10 times per second. That is how we determine whether someone keeps lane.

Speed and distance

A safe distance is dependent on speed. We measure speed and distance to the vehicle in front. We know whether a driver keeps a safe distance.

Actual speed

The maximum speed is often dynamic by the use of matrix signs. That is why we measure dynamic speed limits.


Timely response to the vehicle in front prevents unnecessary harsh braking. We measure what a vehicle in front does and how the driver reacts.


Course changes should be indicated. We measure the use of the blinker light at a turn or lane change.

Trends and analysis

Every week our coaches view the behavior of the drivers on the basis of our measurements. We examine the development of the different driving behaviors and give the drivers a score on their driving performance.

We also look at patterns in the data. We can see if there are times in a day, in a week or if there are certain locations where the driver is less alert.

How is this achieved?

The weekly report is shared only with the driver. We discuss the causes of abnormalities with the driver. On this basis we advise concrete action. This action is followed up and the improvement must be visible.

Our coaches build a relationship of trust with the driver. The true causes of unsafe behavior often appear in conversations. Think about:

High work pressure and limited occupation

Measures taken by the employer that lead to unsafety. Think of the last rush freight of the day and calling the driver on the way.

Private problems of the driver

Our coaches stimulate the conversation between driver and manager. As a result, everyone works on a safe working environment.

You as an employer receive information from the group, anonymised. That is the strength of our driver-friendly approach. We maintain the bond of trust with the driver and you can have an eye on the overall progress.

Why can we do it?

Many systems are available that promise effect. We believe that a system alone is not enough.

Real change is proven to be caused by:

  • Personal and relevant feedback
  • Weekly given by a coach, in a safe environment, behavior doesn’t change by itself
  • With smart technology which presents undisputed observations

Our experience is that a driver likes to cooperate. Getting home safe is important for a driver.

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We have more background information on how our service decreases costs, increases planning effectiveness and improves sustainable employability.

For questions, e.g. to find out how our services fits to your organization, a free safety scan or a pilot, please contact us.

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