Cost reduction

Lower costs by better behavior

Risks for your organization

SD-Insights helps decreasing the risk for a traffic accident by supporting employees to improve their driving behavior. 40% of all accidents happens at business and commuting trips. You probably deal with this often!

An accident means costs, lack of continuity and a worse customer experience. In some sectors this can even lead to losing customers. This means a direct impact on profitability and company continuity.

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Which costs?

Every organization works different. In general, we see the following relevant themes:

Direct costs

Increasing damage expenses

Increasing insurance premiums

Increasing fuel usage

Higher maintenance costs

Higher costs of tires caused by driving behavior

Indirect costs

Time spent on manual data interpretation

Discuss reports with the driver

Sick leave costs in case of injury

Rescheduling and delayed arrival at customers

Customer loss caused by not achieving SLA or KPIs

How do we proof cost reduction?

Experience teaches that direct calculation of behavior to above direct costs is hard, because of the many factors involved.

It is safe to assume that better behavior leads to lower costs. SD-Insights can measure what someone’s driving performance baseline is when starting the service. Using our focus areas we can proof that behavior changes through our approach.

We can calculate what change can lead to an already break even situation, based on an intake and your current costs. In our experience, most customers are quickly convinced when their current expenses are being investigated.

What are the costs of our service?

We offer Safety as a Service. Our service includes hardware. Besides a one time professional installation, no investments or prior expenses are needed. Safety and continuity are simply covered and reachable for everyone.

Every situation is different. We would like to visit your organization for a free intake and we make an offer based on your situation and wishes. Contact us for a quotation. If you already have the right hardware, our service costs just €10 per driver per week, excl. VAT.

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