Planning and Continuity

Planning and continuity

Just In Time Delivery, Next Day Delivery, Same Day delivery. The pressure of timely delivery is increasing, also for your organization. Being too late costs customers and money. The pressure on drivers to reach the right place in time is huge. Adjusting the planning and schedules is a nightmare.

SD-Insights helps reducing the amount of accidents. By doing so, you can keep up with your tight schedule. Rescheduling is avoided and the continuity of the vehicle and the driver is covered.

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Stress from planning

Own research shows that in 25% of the cases, accidents and near-misses are caused as a result of planning stress – pressure a driver experiences to deliver goods in time.

This stress is a result of tight scheduling, which is caused by customer demands. SD-Insights helps with:

  1. Insights in risk drivers
  2. Training these risk drivers to let them arrive safe and in time at their destination.
  3. Enable discussion about the planning stress pattern and solving of bottlenecks

Data to dialog

Our experts create relevant analyses for the driver weekly. They create a score on parts of driving behavior.

Our coaches create a trust relationship with the driver, in which the true causes of unsafe behavior are revealed. Think about:

  • Not being able to talk about high workloads as a result of limited capacity.
  • Incentives from the employer that lead to unsafety; e.g. route adjustments and calling.
  • Work relation between planners and drivers.

More effective planning

Besides personal conversations with the driver, we help you as well. We create aggregated and anonymous insights in the performance of the drivers team. Questions we can solve are:

  • At which moments arises pressure on the drivers?
  • When is attention during driving decreased?

You can link this data to your planning, so you can take drivers into account when planning. This results in optimal routes and less chance of dropouts and rescheduling.

Of course, we discuss our experiences with you, when needed we adjust the program.

Results – On time!

Analysis shows that drivers receiving feedback perform significantly better than measured peergroup drivers without.

93% of the drivers experiences improvement and is satisfied with the way they work with us.

The number of potential incidents is drastically reduced, in several organizations has a dialog been started about the collaboration between the company and the drivers.

What are the costs?

We offer Safety as a Service. Our service includes hardware. Besides a one time professional installation, no investments or prior expenses are needed. Safety and continuity are simply covered and reachable for everyone.

Every situation is different. We would like to visit your organization for a free intake and we make an offer based on your situation and wishes. Contact us for a quotation. If you already have the right hardware, our service costs just €10 per driver per week, excl. VAT.

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