Sustainable employability

Safer and more vital

The impact of an incident is huge and can impact your employee and organization for a long time.

A known example is whiplash. Research shows 50% of people with a whiplash experience still pain and hindrance after 2 years (source: Whiplash Foundation).

With heavy occupations, like being a driver, it is a challenge to keep people well employable for a long time. Sustainable employability is a transport sector issue and topic already for a long time. Experience is appreciated, but long work days and increasing stress and workloads take their toll.

SD-Insights helps decreasing this risk by supporting employees in their driving performance with our continuous learning solution.

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Developing safety

Some years ago, organizing safety was a lot of paperwork. Checkmarks and control were the standard. As you know, more is needed to create a safe work environment. Improving safety is dependent on behavior change.

At SD-Insights, we work with a combination of behavior and technology. Behavior is objectively measurable and we confront the driver in a positive way. We believe in the power of reward and positive feedback.

We measure continuous, bad luck or coincidence will be ruled out. You can show substantiated what you are doing to make and keep your organization safe. The goal: ZERO incidents, a perfect safety record and a safe environment for all stakeholders. You make safety and continuous improvement concrete. Everything is controllable without harming the privacy of individual drivers.

Permanent education – life long learning

Traffic safety is a topic for a long time. The transport sector has a European competence mark: Code 95. To make sure professional drivers may call themselves skilled, at least 35 hours of training needs to be followed each 5 years. At least seven of these 35 hours need to be practical training.

This structure causes unity in Europe and is a good basis. Still, we often hear that drivers bungle their online training and companies have trouble motivating their people for this.

Through our technology with real time and weekly feedback, we analyze real rides. The driver continuously learns because we give feedback and tips on relevant and specific focus points of development. It is compact and personal. The data will only anonymously be shared with the employer. That makes it not only easier to establish a relationship of trust, but Works Councils do also approve this approach.

We do offer life long learning! Our drivers value our approach with an average of 82%!

Behavioral patterns

Every human being is unique and develops his or her entire life. What a driver can do when he or she is 20 is different from what can be achieved at 60 years old. By analyzing data of a driver over time, we see whether certain behavioral patterns are decreasing the drivers’ safety. Think about decreasing attention on the last day of the week or on Monday.

SD-Insights makes this insightful and looks for explanations together with the driver. If necessary, we motivate the driver to discuss this with the employer.

What are the costs?

We offer Safety as a Service. Our service includes hardware. Besides a one time professional installation, no investments or prior expenses are needed. Safety and continuity are simply covered and reachable for everyone.

Every situation is different. We would like to visit your organization for a free intake and we make an offer based on your situation and wishes. Contact us for a quotation. If you already have the right hardware, our service costs just €10 per driver per week, excl. VAT.

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